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Connecting Science and Industry

RPI is your voice to communicate what the industry needs from natural catastrophe science. We actively promote your interests within our network of insurance associations and in the scientific community.

Image source: NASA

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Events and Outreach

We bring science to industry via our expert-led workshops and seminars, and work directly with interns and students on risk-relevant topics. Read about some recent events and our education successes here.


Working with a broad network of scientific collaborators, we focus cutting edge expertise on disaster risk questions, covering exposed regions globally. Explore our research themes here.


Our research has yielded decades of scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, ensuring that our science is communicated to the wider scientific community for societal benefit. Review our contributions here.


The Risk Prediction Initiative‚Äôs activities at BIOS have been made possible through the generous support and services in kind from  local and international businesses, including the RPI Members listed here.
RPI Steering Committee Members are Listed here.

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